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Q: how to decorate christmas ornaments with sharpies great christmas crafts ?

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My advice if you get a job offer from them is, dont waist your time! They will seduce you with income in a tax-free country (Q8). In reality it will take 4 months of paper work just to get there, then they will maybe keep you around for another 3-4 months and then it will take another 2 months of paper work before you can leave the country. i) The name "Institute of Banking Studies" is very misleading no serious (academic) studies are done there. It is mostly a training center for management courses. The instructors are hired from abroad since they dont have the competence locally nor internally since no research is done. ii) The organization is very hierarchical. A Machiavelli/dictatorial/authoritarian leadership style is the rule. Do what you are told or get lost. The director hires and fires as he please based up arbitrary principles. The director controls everything hence you will not get any resources to do your work, not a single nickel. iii) They take great pride in the fact that they are "government" but that is far from the truth. To sum up - A well finance organization (the money is there) but with a significant lack of brain power in combination with a dictatorial leadership makes it an very unattractive place to work


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Ensure that your parody will not infringe copyright. Although you may be writing a parody of a novel for fun, you might just want to publish it, so you should ensure that you will be allowed to do so. 2 Base the novel on a minor character. A common technique for parody is to make a minor character the main character and vice versa. The humor will hinge on the change of focus. 3 Make puns on character and place names. It can be great fun to come up with humorous monikers. 4 Poke fun at the writer's style. If he is very terse, make your sentences ridiculously short, or if she enjoys using purple prose, be generous with the arcane and redundant adjectives. 5 Identify the most crucial moments and lines in the novel. Focus on these and make them humorous. 6 Add anachronisms to older novels. For instance, a Victorian character may get a call on a cell phone. Make sure such moments are unexpected. 7 Shorten the novel. Usually a parody of a novel is much shorter than the original version.


Source: how to write a parody

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Syria has many international hotels and can be found in most large towns and tourist centers. Most are elaborately designed and plush in comfort and have services to accommodate all travelers in search for comfort. World class restaurants, cafés, Olympic sized swimming pools and shuttle service is always available. All of these hotels are equipped with modern technology and communication tools and meeting rooms and conference centers. The service is excellent and the staff is always friendly, many of which speak French and English. Syria has a great hotel capacity, Syria has many hotels ranging from luxury to relatively inexpensive. Syria has many international standard hotels and can be found in most large towns and tourist centers. Most are elaborately designed and plush in comfort and have services to accommodate all travelers in search for comfort. World class restaurants, cafts, olympic sized swimming pools and shuttle service is always available.


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n addition to filters and softeners, using a good hair care product for well water is advisable. Check out Malibu Making Water Well system kits. Includes a shampoo, conditioner and hard water weekly demineralizer. In combination, these will remove all the hard water minerals and oxidizers from well water to eliminate brassiness, improve hair texture and shine. If your buildup is really bad, use the Malibu Crystal Gel first as this is an extra-strength demineralizer. Check out for more information on any of these great products.


Source: how to remove well water from color treated hair

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Becoming a computer technician is a great idea if you love technology, and want to enjoy the rewards of a career while still being able to do what you love. As a technician, you can work in a wide selection of industries, helping employers set up their internal computer systems or you can work as a technician assisting customers.


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go up the end of Shannon road then take hicks great views at night. especially for smoking a bowl


Source: what street in los gatos has a good view of the valley

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I use a fairly new, but great site:


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great year a head in all its aspects


Source: ما هي توقعات برج الثور لسنة 2010

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