Maher is an Irish surname meaning the "kindly" or the "generous and also it is Arabic surname or first name meaning skillful or expert


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what is the zip code of salmiya kuwait ?

Views: 2,024   Answers: 3

The first sector 20001 Sector II 20002 Tertiary 20003 Sector IV 20004 Sector V 20005 Sector VI 20006 Seventh sector 20007 Eighth sector 20008

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11 ما معنى postal code?postal code تعني الرمز البريدي للمنطقة الخاصة بعنوانك

1 what is the phone number of the American International School in kuwait?the phone number of the American International School in kuwait is 5645083 / 4 / 5 / 6 Location : Salmiya - Block 11

1 i need information about mais alghanim kuwait? mais alghanim is a arabic restaurant in Kuwait and have 2 locations , one in front of the kuwait tower in Kuwait city and one in alfentas city , after MacDonald and burger king restaurant on the same road

1 how i can call aljazeeraairways office in kuwait from usa, what should i add to the phone number??i think you can call aljazeera airways from anywhere in the world, but because aljazeera office in kuwait , you must add to the number the international code: 00965 before the number, i prefer to check aljazeera airways website for more information

1 hotels close to kuwait international airport?kuwait is a small country , it is not a big country , it is easy to find hotels close to the kuwait airport, this is some kuwait hotels list

1 i want an easy road map from kuwait to mecca and medina to kuwait ??please go to and search for "kuwait to makkah road map" once you get it you can view it in bigger size and then later print or save it as your convenience and all the best with your journey to makkah and madina, but please do remember me in your prayers...jazakallah

1 kuwait hotels فنادق الكويت?Kuwait has many international standard hotels and can be found in most large towns and tourist centers .Fanadeq al kuwait or fondoq fe al kuwait mean Kuwait hotels فنادق الكويت , there is many hotels in Kuwait city, Helton Kuwait is very famouse hotel in kuwait , Hilton Kuwait Services/Facilities/Amenities: Shuttle , Car rental desk , Family rooms , Parking , Tennis court , Meeting room , Dry cleaning , having 288 rooms, you can search google search engine for Kuwait hotels There is any Kuwait hotels name list and information? Some of Kuwait Hotels Ghani Palace Kuwait Hotel - 44090 Salimya Kempinski Julai'a Hotel

65 ما اسعار تذاكر طيران الخطوط الجوية الكويتية؟?لمعرفة اسعار حجز تذاكر الخطوط الجوية الكويتية يمكنك زيارة موقع الخطوط الجوية الكويتية

60 حجز تذاكر الخطوط الجوية الكويتية ?Kuwait Airways tickets booking من القاهرة للكويت ساعتين و نصف السعر على الكويتية 1180 و على مصر للطيران 1170

57 معني كلمة Postal Code?تعني الرمز البريدي الذي تستخدمه في بلد وهو عبارة عن خسمة ارقام في بعض الدول ويستخدم للمراسلات البريدية

38 ما هي حالة الطقس الآن في الكويت?how is the weather now in kuwait

33 عشان اعمل ايميل لازم اكتب ال postal code وانا مش عارفه يعنى ايه ارجو الرد بسرعه?ارجوكم عايز اعرف يعنى ايه بوستل كود؟ عايزة اعمل ايميل على الهوت ميل. بالمناسبة اسمى لارما. من لبنان

25 كيف اعرف سعر تزاكر طيران الجزيره من سوهاج الى الكويت?how i can know the ticket price from sohag to kuwait on aljazeera airways company

11 ما معنى postal code?postal code تعني الرمز البريدي للمنطقة الخاصة بعنوانك





The first sector 20001

Sector II 20002

Tertiary 20003

Sector IV 20004

Sector V 20005

Sector VI 20006

Seventh sector 20007

Eighth sector 20008
what is the zip code and postal code of salmiya kuwait?
What is the postal code for salmiya kuwait




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