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Q: what is a sign indicating total obstruction of the airway by aspirated material ?

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Because you give a selected day 19th, i think you can search many airlines for prices, there is aljazeera airways, alarabiya airways, wataniya airways, i think they give the best prices, but aljazeera airways still the best, my family went to lebanon by 3 KD only ($10). sometime they have offers and i got it by email because i opt aljazeera airways newslatter, you check, but remember sometime other flights from other companies have deferent prices, try to check it all, Good Luck


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To sign up for facebook you just need an Email address. Go to and then you can register in the details asked in that page. They ask very simple details. Once everything is filled in, immediately you can submit and you will become a member.


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the exact area of cairo(elkahira elkobra) is :1333kmsquare.and live by statistic in each kmsquare 15000people,wich means as total 20 millions.


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why does the eppiglottis block your trachea? what does the trachea do?


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what is the meaning of lower airway


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