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Q: how much wouid it actually cost to rebuild a ford 5.4 triton v8 ?

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Guest on (15 December 2010)
about how much would it cost to rebuild my ford triton engine

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Guest on (23 January 2011)
how much to rebuild the lower end?

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you want a starter kit it'll probably cost around KD 100 It has the Bass, an amp, a bag for the base, short cord, a tuner, and a sling for the bass as well. It's a decent 4 string base, all you need to do after that is probably buy a real Bass sling, thick enough for the shoulder, then buy a nice amp I recommend the Rumble 15 dunno how much it cost probably around KD 30. The price varies where you buy the kit and other stuff, and usually they go on sale, so Im not really sure how much it all cost, but the prices are pretty much more or less.


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93explorer transmission. Broke while driving . Got transmission out. Just normal.wear in pan and filter.. found metal pieces in the bell housing. Think it tourch convertor


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the taxi from kuwait airport to any city in kuwait is 5 kd only or maximum 6 kd this price i used to pay


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The ferrari f1 costs 2.7 million to buy but you can only drive it 3 times a year on a special track


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for aljazeera airways prices you need to check


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