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Q: how do I get rid of the facebook message indicator on my blackberry ?

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if vtunnel iz not blocked then u could do this 1= get on the internet and write in, press enter nd then press no 2= if your on vtunnel write in the search space, press enter then press no 3= it should come to the facebook page then sign in and enjoy


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I think you mean facebook? it is very easy to use facebook, it is a social network where you can find/add friends and keep connected with your friends. you need to sign up from website , also you can select your language from there , facebook now support many international languages


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o use facebook on your iphone you need to download the facebook application for free from itunes store, you can download directly from your iphone, just go to itunes icon at your mobile, after you open itunes sture search for facebook application and download it on your iphon


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To sign up for facebook you just need an Email address. Go to and then you can register in the details asked in that page. They ask very simple details. Once everything is filled in, immediately you can submit and you will become a member.


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i dont think this is a correct news , charging money for facebook accounts will cause low users, what i think if the founder of face book thinking only for the money he can sale it for billions of dollars , so no need to charge users for their accounts


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maybe he have your facebook and myspace username and password, try to change it asap and see if he can access it again, you can know what is the latest location for the latest user who sign by your facebook account from your account security setting


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i didnt use myspace , but what i think is facebook is going internationaly more than myspace, i think most of myspace users from usa only, but facebook now have 500 million users


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on this page i read how turn off the camera sound on my blackberry curve it is works with me


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Use the facebook app friends' events. It shows you all events of a friend you select.


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to create a facebook acount all you need is signup for new facebook account at


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