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why are asians, and east indians so hard to sell cars too

I have given up completely on trying to sell Asians my high end products, they are just doing research for ebay. I just give them the current sale prices, smile, and turn away. The above poster is correct, they are awesome people otherwise, I have learned their way of doing business is just not compatible with how Americans conduct business, but the good news is I don't have to bust my cahones, I just nicely blow them off.

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سعر تذاكر السفر من بغداد الى كوالالمبور

كم سعر التذكرة من بغداد الى كولالمبور ذهابا فقط

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كم ثمن تذكرة الطائره من ليبيا الى تركيا

بس انا جيت 340 دولار انا حسن ابن حسين الزيادية ابن شكرية

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تعلم كيف صنعت اكثر من 100 الف دولار

اربح من الانترنت

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اريد فتح ايميل ?

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مرحبا اريد فتح اييل

Guest-#60776 on (21 October 2012)

اريد فتح ايميل على الهوتميل

Guest-#38206 on (14 September 2011)

انا فاتن

Guest-#22663 on (4 April 2011)

رومايو :

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