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Q: how long do you leave a refrigerator unplugged after moving ?

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how long do you leave a refrigerator unplugged after moving ? Tell a friend Follow-up

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its depending how many persons on the airplane but average it is 45 minutes


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i think it is around 9 hours


Source: how long is the flight from the us to kuwait


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I feel my hands is moving and talking with me


Source: يدى تتحركان وكانهما تكلمنى


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Source: how long is the flight from kuwait to the us


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how long will take for getting a kuwait iqama in private sector


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am using from long time this craigslist search engine and its provide the easy and fast search in all locations of USA.


Source: how i find writing jobs on craigslist


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you can make it free, but why you make it for free? these days you can purchase a webhosting with a less prices, at least you can control your site and bakcup it , on free hosting you dont know when they will shutdown there services where many companies offer a free hosting now for long time and they still working one day i lost a big site hosted on free hosting so it is up to you


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btw long time back i was using a free online storage to backup my data and that company closed and i lost all my files, i dont have backup so i advice you to backup your database extra backup before using any free online storage


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