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how to use lemon juice to change hair color

Well you need a fresh lemon , then squeeze it and turn it into lemon juice and you need a spray bottle place 1/2 cup of lemon juice in spray bottle and 1/4 warm or cold water then shake it damp it that much that it can be easy to comb your hair and you need a towel or thing you don't need anymore go in sunlight morning will be the best timing damp your hair with the spray and put a towel under your hair like around your shoulder then sit in sun for half hour if your hair color is light and if dark atleast 1 hour

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how to retwist locs with honey and lemon ?

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Guest on 20 September 2011
Use three parts honey to 1 part lemon juice, mix with your finger. Works wonders. I sweat my hair out this weekend dancing and use this mixture. My hair shines and looks good. My loctician will be suprised at the results.


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