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Q: how to make a cheerleader skirt ?


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Ensure that your parody will not infringe copyright. Although you may be writing a parody of a novel for fun, you might just want to publish it, so you should ensure that you will be allowed to do so. 2 Base the novel on a minor character. A common technique for parody is to make a minor character the main character and vice versa. The humor will hinge on the change of focus. 3 Make puns on character and place names. It can be great fun to come up with humorous monikers. 4 Poke fun at the writer's style. If he is very terse, make your sentences ridiculously short, or if she enjoys using purple prose, be generous with the arcane and redundant adjectives. 5 Identify the most crucial moments and lines in the novel. Focus on these and make them humorous. 6 Add anachronisms to older novels. For instance, a Victorian character may get a call on a cell phone. Make sure such moments are unexpected. 7 Shorten the novel. Usually a parody of a novel is much shorter than the original version.


Source: how to write a parody

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You can make direct sales to your customers , try to add advertise link information on your pages so visitors will contact you directly, or you can use online companies pay you for every click your site will sent to their advertisers. there is many like adsense , adbrite adengage clicksor and many. if you plan to sale direct sales to your customers , i prefer to use admanager from google where you will have a full control of your adverisers space and targeting option


Source: how i make money selling ad space on my website

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you can make it free, but why you make it for free? these days you can purchase a webhosting with a less prices, at least you can control your site and bakcup it , on free hosting you dont know when they will shutdown there services where many companies offer a free hosting now for long time and they still working one day i lost a big site hosted on free hosting so it is up to you


Source: how i make a website for free and fast

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every one can make money by saling products, you can sale products or services you have, you have many options to sale , you can sale direct sales to your customers or use online advertisments to advertise about your products, try to use adwords from google ,


Source: how to make money selling

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you should have windows xp, you can make fresh install of xp or you can make upgrade install , it will fix only the problems you have with windows by replace damaged file system files. after you put the cd reboot the computer and follow the instructions given


Source: how i can install windows xp, i need hlep please

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o make online booking for your tickets with kuwait airways it is very easy, just go to , then you can select your flights details there, after you select the dates and the destination you will find the payment page.


Source: how to make a kuwait airways online booking

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I've been trying to do the same thing. I'm just trying to make it likely for my aliens to survive. If they could survive on the planet you put them on and the situations you put them in they'll be fairly believable. Good luck


Source: how to make believable aliens in fiction

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to create a facebook acount all you need is signup for new facebook account at


Source: how too make facebook

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Have a look at you can find some good info there.


Source: how can i Make Homemade Cat Food

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what is the meaning of scroll?? i cant understand the use of it? it is for what? websites?


Source: how to make a scroll

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