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Q: cut hair to retard growth ?


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* 90 trillion - The number of emails sent on the Internet in 2009. * 247 billion - Average number of email messages per day. * 1.4 billion - The number of email users worldwide. * 100 million - New email users since the year before. * 81% - The percentage of emails that were spam. * 92% - Peak spam levels late in the year. * 24% - Increase in spam since last year. * 200 billion - The number of spam emails per day (assuming 81% are spam). Websites * 234 million - The number of websites as of December 2009. * 47 million - Added websites in 2009. Web servers * 13.9% - The growth of Apache websites in 2009. * -22.1% - The growth of IIS websites in 2009. * 35.0% - The growth of Google GFE websites in 2009. * 384.4% - The growth of Nginx websites in 2009. * -72.4% - The growth of Lighttpd websites in 2009. Domain names * 81.8 million - .COM domain names at the end of 2009. * 12.3 million - .NET domain names at the end of 2009. * 7.8 million - .ORG domain names at the end of 2009. * 76.3 million - The number of country code top-level domains (e.g. .CN, .UK, .DE, etc.). * 187 million - The number of domain names across all top-level domains (October 2009). * 8% - The increase in domain names since the year before. Internet users * 1.73 billion - Internet users worldwide (September 2009). * 18% - Increase in Internet users since the previous year. * 738,257,230 - Internet users in Asia. * 418,029,796 - Internet users in Europe. * 252,908,000 - Internet users in North America. * 179,031,479 - Internet users in Latin America / Caribbean. * 67,371,700 - Internet users in Africa. * 57,425,046 - Internet users in the Middle East. * 20,970,490 - Internet users in Oceania / Australia. Social media * 126 million - The number of blogs on the Internet (as tracked by BlogPulse). * 84% - Percent of social network sites with more women than men. * 27.3 million - Number of tweets on Twitter per day (November, 2009) * 57% - Percentage of Twitter's user base located in the United States. * 4.25 million - People following @aplusk (Ashton Kutcher, Twitter's most followed user). * 350 million - People on Facebook. * 50% - Percentage of Facebook users that log in every day. * 500,000 - The number of active Facebook applications. Images * 4 billion - Photos hosted by Flickr (October 2009). * 2.5 billion - Photos uploaded each month to Facebook. * 30 billion - At the current rate, the number of photos uploaded to Facebook per year. Videos * 1 billion - The total number of videos YouTube serves in one day. * 12.2 billion - Videos viewed per month on YouTube in the US (November 2009). * 924 million - Videos viewed per month on Hulu in the US (November 2009). * 182 - The number of online videos the average Internet user watches in a month (USA). * 82% - Percentage of Internet users that view videos online (USA). * 39.4% - YouTube online video market share (USA). * 81.9% - Percentage of embedded videos on blogs that are YouTube videos. Web browsers * 62.7% - Internet Explorer * 24.6% - Firefox * 4.6% - Chrome * 4.5% - Safari * 2.4% - Opera * 1.2% - Other Malicious software * 148,000 - New zombie computers created per day (used in botnets for sending spam, etc.) * 2.6 million - Amount of malicious code threats at the start of 2009 (viruses, trojans, etc.) * 921,143 - The number of new malicious code signatures added by Symantec in Q4 2009. About the Author: Website and web server stats from Netcraft. Domain name stats from Verisign and Internet user stats from Internet World Stats. Web browser stats from Net Applications. Email stats from Radicati Group. Spam stats from McAfee. Malware stats from Symantec (and here) and McAfee. Online video stats from Comscore, Sysomos and YouTube. Photo stats from Flickr and Facebook. Social media stats from BlogPulse, Pingdom (here and here), Twittercounter, Facebook and GigaOm. Source: Entireweb Newsletter


Source: What happened with the Internet in 2009? How many websites were added? How many emails were sent? How many Internet users were there?

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n addition to filters and softeners, using a good hair care product for well water is advisable. Check out Malibu Making Water Well system kits. Includes a shampoo, conditioner and hard water weekly demineralizer. In combination, these will remove all the hard water minerals and oxidizers from well water to eliminate brassiness, improve hair texture and shine. If your buildup is really bad, use the Malibu Crystal Gel first as this is an extra-strength demineralizer. Check out for more information on any of these great products.


Source: how to remove well water from color treated hair

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Well you need a fresh lemon , then squeeze it and turn it into lemon juice and you need a spray bottle place 1/2 cup of lemon juice in spray bottle and 1/4 warm or cold water then shake it damp it that much that it can be easy to comb your hair and you need a towel or thing you don't need anymore go in sunlight morning will be the best timing damp your hair with the spray and put a towel under your hair like around your shoulder then sit in sun for half hour if your hair color is light and if dark atleast 1 hour


Source: how to use lemon juice to change hair color

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YOu can use acetone on any bond. Do one at a time soak the bonded area with acetone, then I find the best thing to use is pliers! You use them to break up the bond be careful though you can clamp it to tight and break your own hair. Just break it up and then it should pull right off. Any acces glue or wax left try to comb it out with vegatable oil or a professional conditioner. It takes time and patience. Good luck!


Source: how to remove bonded hair extensions

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Use three parts honey to 1 part lemon juice, mix with your finger. Works wonders. I sweat my hair out this weekend dancing and use this mixture. My hair shines and looks good. My loctician will be suprised at the results.


Source: how to retwist locs with honey and lemon

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long time im trying to find a way for that, i want to have long hair i think you have the same problem i have check this page have some useful information


Source: how to grow my hair faster with good care

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Try different parts in the hair. I have natural highlights and my roots are darker then my ends due to natural sun toning. Look online for hairstyles with parts that you don't usually use.


Source: how to bring out the natural highlights of hair

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I suggest you put it in two braids, not too tight if you dont want it to curl up later on when it drys. If braids dont work, apply stay-in acconditioner to keep it moist and soft.


Source: how to keep hair looking good at the beach

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you can braid your hair into about 10 to 12 strands and sleep with it in that in the morning remove the braids gently and spray it lightly with hairspray


Source: how to get wavy hair overnight without hairspray

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i dont think hairspray damage hair, im using it for over 20 years and thanks god my hair still ok !, try to avoid a bad/ cheap hair spray


Source: does hairspray damage hair

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