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Q: how to write a memo to staff about toilet cleanliness ?

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To be effect in training on the quality of customer service, donot lecture, share the day in and day out experience of the staff with their most difficult and irate cusotmers. From there, start brain stroming, the root casue and the areas of improvement will automaticaly revealed. Secondly, let the staff do their best and worst moment as customers of any other orgaisation(including supermarkets)sync both, it will give lots of practical idea to your team. This way, the training would make many people speak and be free. At the end atleast 15% of impact of the training they will be carry on atleast for a year


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If you have a query on How to write a resume. Then you can visit this site for mored details on How to write a resume. And it also provides a free resume templates samples for all resume category. This feature is best for a freshers who don't have an idea about How to write a resume. For more information you can visit this site:-


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if vtunnel iz not blocked then u could do this 1= get on the internet and write in, press enter nd then press no 2= if your on vtunnel write in the search space, press enter then press no 3= it should come to the facebook page then sign in and enjoy


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Why reinventing the bicycle? You can buy low-flush toilet for $350. Or, if this is TOO much, insert so-called "water saver" inside the flush tank - basically it's a plastic bag that replaces some water in the tank, limiting its volume.


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Yes, you are right, this logo is created by user of the website and i appreciate his work and because of that im using this logo,i will create new log next few days. thanks for your note


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A haiku doesn't have to be rhymed.It should contain 5 syllables in the first sentence, 7 in the second, and 5 in the last sentence.


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Read and watch as many official material as you can. Write down lines or type 'em in the notepad if you have to


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how to remove write protection from sony handycam


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how to write effective website copy


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how can i write amtlab programe


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