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Q: site clerk job description ?

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Regarding a Basic Submissions most search engines offer a free submission program. This is your best option if your budget does not allow for paid submissions. Unfortunately, paid submissions do not normally include spidering your entire site. Your paid submission will include the page that you submit only. When it is possible, submit all of your important pages through paid submissions. However, this can get very expensive. If your budget doesn't allow you to submit all of your pages, submit the rest of your pages through basic free submissions. If your web site has not been optimized and prepared for your keyword phrases, paid submissions will not guarantee any specific rankings


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What is a site optimization or site submission? Before you even think about search engine submission options, your web site should be optimized for the best possible rankings for your important keyword phrases. - Get Linked! It's always best to have quality incoming links to your web site before you submit to any search engine. Many of today's popular engines will place a large part of their ranking algorithm on the number of quality, incoming links that are pointing to your site.


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Manually Submit Your Pages When you are ready to submit, we recommend that you submit manually to each of the major search engines, there is many online search engine submission companies where they offer site submission to many search engines, they will submit your site to many many search engines with special fees you pay for it, also you can submit your site free to any search engine, just open the search engine and try to...


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this site is a questions and answers website , where people can share questions and wait the answers from the site visitors, also you can answer / comment and ask question, Maher mean expert so the meaning of the website is ask expert and the expert who have answer about any question on the site. Also the site have a social system where you can find registered friends and add them as friends on the website


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If you have a query on How to write a resume. Then you can visit this site for mored details on How to write a resume. And it also provides a free resume templates samples for all resume category. This feature is best for a freshers who don't have an idea about How to write a resume. For more information you can visit this site:-


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If you need information on International flight tickets booking you can refer site which is one of the best site for booking your flight tickets. You can book your tickets online also.


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Depending on the engine, you may be submitting all of your important pages or just your main page. Other engines don't require submission at all and actually prefer to find your web site through other links pointing to your web site from other sites.


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Do not ever use a submission software program and do not hire a company who claims to submit your site to hundreds or thousands of search engines. More than likely, they will be using an automated program that can penalize your web site.


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To submit your site to google you can submit it from also you can use a google webmaster tools to submit your website sitemap to let crawels index your site.


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you can find it from this link


Source: where i can buy cashu cards in kuwait

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