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Q: job description of a barman ?

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Guest on (16 November 2012)
i dont know me too i want to know

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Guest on (2 December 2010)
what does a barman do

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Hi I have been working on various boats for the last 16 years. I am not a Captain, I am an engineer. I get asked alot of questions about working on a boat so I decided to start a blog so I don't have to keep typing it over again and again. You can not start out as a Captian with no experiance of course. You will have to start off as a deck hand or OS and work up to AB these are ratings but they do require some classes and some test. You then work up to a Mates position which requires alot of scholls and test then you can move up to Captian which will recieve more schools and tests.The Captian is in charge on a boat.He is resposable for training of the crew,compliance with laws,safety,making sure the crew meets company and customer satisfaction,administrative duties basicaly he or she is like the mother, the father,and the boss all rolled into one. I haven't got that far on my blog yet but am almost done with what you need to do to get started. Feel free to visit my blog at and I will eventually get through everything you need to get started.


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