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Q: what is the file extension php4 ?

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To export recipes from MasterCook to Handy Cookbook on the Ipod, do the following: In MasterCook on your desktop computer,select the recipes that you want to put on the Ipod and then in the top menu bar select File, Export and Mail. Select the folder to which you want to export the recipes. I have created a folder called "Mastercook recipes for export" for this purpose. Select to export in the *.mxp format (being the last choice). Select Export. Open your web browser and go to http://192,168.1.101 : 8080 I have saved this website as a link and named it Handy Cookbook). Select Import, Imported Recipes. Browse to your file where you have saved the recipes for export (my files is "Mastercook recipes for export " ) then select the recipe that you want to import and select Submit File


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Open your browser and go to Click at 'Get It Now' button. After you go to download page, click 'Get Started' If you are asked 'Do you want to run or save this file?', choose 'Run'. After the download has completed, the installation dialog pops up. Click 'Next'. Choose the products you wish to install


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after i searched the web for the same location , i found it is April Fools Joke by google as people said. hhhhhhhh, really i scared , i was thinking who will visit my site from International Space Station this is a screenshot


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يمكنك تقليل حجم الصورة عن طريق احد برامج الرسم مثل برنامج paint الموجود في نظام التشغيل ويندوز او برنامج فوتوشوب من خلال امر new من قائمة file يظهر لك صندوق اكتب في المربع resolution رقم يتناسب مع وضوح الصورة مثلآ 75 pixls ثم ok وابداء بلصق الصورة واعادة حفظها


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you should have windows xp, you can make fresh install of xp or you can make upgrade install , it will fix only the problems you have with windows by replace damaged file system files. after you put the cd reboot the computer and follow the instructions given


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yes you can create your own ringtones but you need a good software to create ring tones and your device should support the sound file format wich you will use it , you need to check the supported files


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if your mobile support mp3 as a ring tone , then you need to use any software (mp3 editor) to cut the sound file and split it to small ring tone) or you can use it as a ring from your mobile setting


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how to transfer and record a yamaha motif xs pattern into cubase 4 ai and record the song as an audio file via mlan


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Nokia 5700 phone gives a message unable to open the file type is not supported


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how can i write amtlab programe


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