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Q: how i setup a belkin wireless router with embarq or centurylink 660 series dsl modem ?

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 how i install a linksys wireless router


o install linksys wireless router first, you need to access your router via any browser, try to open any browser and then type on address bar the ip of the router, the common one is or then use the username admin and the pass: admin , after you access the router you can change the admin password after that secure your wireless network by setting up a network security key so no body can use your wireless from outside , also change the wireless network name this helps you identify your network


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 how i can Install a DSL Modem


Go to: Start > Control Panel > Network Connections after that, hit Creat New Connection from the left .. hit Next > choose Connect to the Internet > Next > Set up My Connection Manualy > choose Connect using broadband ....... > Next typ your ISP (Inernet Service Provier) name > Next > type Usernme and Pasword > Next Finally ... Finish Good Luck


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Suggested Solution:

 how to secure a wireless computer


i think you need to change the administrator password and user name for the wireless computer also you can turn on Encryption, encryption technology scrambles messages sent over wireless networks so that they cannot be easily read by any body also don't auto connect to any Open Wi-Fi Networks


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 how i fix my wireless on my acer laptop


first you need to check if the wireless devise is working at your laptop, you can see it from the tray , just double click on it and see if it is working, then try to scan for wireless devices , if you can find any device then your wireless is working


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Suggested Solution:

 how to fix my wireless on my acer laptop


if your wireless device on acer laptop not working i think you need to try to reinstall the driver for it, try to go to and downlod the latest wireless driver for acer laptop


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 ما طريقة فتح البورت لمودم وراوتر BELKIN N Wireless


أريد طريقه إعدادات مودم و راوتر Belkin N ك


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 ما تردد قناة fox series



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 which anime series has a red lamborghini & a porsche 911



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 how to setup email marketing



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