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Q: book wataniya airways tickets ?

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Maher on (12 November 2009)
if you want to book wataniya airways tickets, you need to go to or you can call wataniya office, if you can not find wataniya office just try to call any travel agency near your place

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Guest on (16 October 2009)
ما قيمة تذكرةالى القاهرة

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You can book wataniya airways ticket from their site , when you open the wataniya airways website, you can select your tip and flight from their main page, you can select destination and then select your dates and how many passengers want to fly, after that you can book it online and get the confirmation code online without need to go to any office to collect your ticket, they using E-ticket system to book your flight online.


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if you want to book wataniya airways ticket on the internet , you need to go to , after that you need to select your travel information like destination and flight date, after that the system will search for you, once the search finish, you can pay online if you like to book, they using electronic ticket system.


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wataniya airways is new airline company in Kuwait , start on 2009 and it is new and latest airline company up to date. wataniya airways is the third airline company after kuwaitairways and aljazeeraairways, offering airline tickets for many destinations, you can enjoy your trip and flight with wataniya airways.


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because wataniya airways a new company they still have few destinations, they have flights to and from : Kuwait, Lebanon Beirut, Bahrain manama, and Eygpt Cairo, i think in the future they will have many destinations.


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Wataniya Airways طيران الوطنية


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