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Q: ( شمتشئثثقشزىثف ) ?

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Maher on (17 December 2009)
هو الموقع المكتوب باللغة الانجليزية في التوبك الخاص بالسؤال

وتمت كتابته بالاحرف العربية بالغلط بسبب عدم تحويل الكيبورد للغة الانجليزية
يمكنك زيارته من خلال نسخ هذا الرابط لا تنسى بزيارة شبكتنا مره أخرى
by typing with arabic by mistake.
the correct url is listed on the topic
thanks for visit Network

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Suggested Solution:

 can i change the name on aljazeera airways ticket after i buy it online?


i think you can change the name but you need to pay fees for that, if you already book it online you need to pay the money and but it on burgan bank in kuwait, for international users, i think it is better to contact jazeera airways offices or try to contact aljazeera airways over the phone for more information. if you are talking about name spell mistake , i prefer to contact aljazeera directly for more information, just be sure to do not make any mistakes with spelling with your name when you book your ticket online.


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 how can i book aljazeera airways ticket from south america, there is any office here?


i dont think aljazeera airways have office in south america, but you can check with any travel agency for more information. anyway you can find all the information on www.jazeeraairways website. Aslo you can book your ticket online from aljazeera airways if you have credit card online, all you need is go to aljazeera website


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 Aljazeera News TV Channel


is aljazeera news tv channel, how many channels they have A: Yes aljazeera tv is news channel but now al jazeera opens multi channels , they have 3 sports channel which will cover the world cup 2006. Children channel named aljazeera 3. aljazeera channel open 24 hours, it is the first viewed channel on Arab world


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 is alwataniya airways better than aljazeera airways?


you cant say it is better, every company have own services and every one try to do the best, both of companies are good. if your question about the prices, i think aljazeera have better prices.


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 aljazeera airways destinations


aljazeera airways destinations as of 2009: Bahrain Cyprus Egypt India Iran Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Qatar Saudi Arabia Syria Turkey United Arab Emirates Yemen


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 how can i book aljazeera ticket to usa, i heard they have very low prices, they have any flights to usa?


i think they dont have direct flights to usa, but i think you can make any route trip from aljazeera to the nearest place to usa, maybe you will pay less with this way.


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 book flight ticket aljazeera airways


book flight ticket aljazeera airways you need to visit aljazeera airways official website from there you can book your ticket


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Suggested Solution:

 is aljazeera airways registered internatinaly?


yes, aljazeera airways is international airline company and you can use it without any worry about it.


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 buy aljazeera tickets online


how to buy and pay for aljazeera airline tickets onlin


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