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Q: how to charter a private flight ?

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.I would like to depict the difficulties which I had confronted while travelling from LHR to COK.I board the flight to london to mumbai and from mumbai to cochin on 22september 2011.The flight reached mumbai early morning at international airport and took my lauguage and reached domestic.There we had to wait for a long time,even without any food.There they didnt even do any intimation regarding the connection flight to mumbai.Even the Jet airlines authority were unaware of the next connection flight.The flight to mumbai was delayed and we board the flight by evening.There also we were not provided with any food,but we had to pay extra money for it.


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to change the flight schdule with qatar airways, i think you need to go to qatar airways website and then go the link from the top ( manage a booking), then you need to type your Booking reference and your last name to access your ticket details, then you can change it, after that i think you will get email confirmation for your changes, but i advice you to confirm it by contacting qatar airways by phone to check if the changes is done without any mistakes from your side and to confirm the changes.


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I don't know about the world but as for India, the government has made it a law that no one can take pictures or videos at air force based airports. Most of the airports (nearly all) are only for airlines, general aviation or cargo. So don't worry, you can take videos. At least at Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi.


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If you need information on International flight tickets booking you can refer site which is one of the best site for booking your flight tickets. You can book your tickets online also.


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to know which terminal you need to contact the airlines or the airport directly or any one working on the same airport can help you but you are not giving the full details like the country of the


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you can visit and after that you can select the flight information and after that you will get the prices for your flight.


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you need to check kuwait airways website for the details


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ما هو الوزن المسموح به للامتعه علي الطائره القطريه من ابوظبي لي صنعاء


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Just click the button and it will let you watch any private videos


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if it is direct flight i think it is arround 7 to 09 hours


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