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Q: how to add a monitor to a toshiba laptop ?

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(17 فبراير 2011) It's easy, look @ the upper-down side of the laptop. But if the literature was removed _because of friction with tables or so_ you should make a research @ and select in your search all the Satellite laptops or so, and to know precisely you should see your laptop specfications from the System properties or so, so you can refine your search. Hope that helps. bye


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you have 2 options if your tv have a standard serial cable input for pc monitors , you can just plug the cable between tv monitor and your pc or if you have a vga card support hd port connection and your tv have the same you can use a hd cable between your tv and your computer


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first you need to check if the wireless devise is working at your laptop, you can see it from the tray , just double click on it and see if it is working, then try to scan for wireless devices , if you can find any device then your wireless is working


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if your wireless device on acer laptop not working i think you need to try to reinstall the driver for it, try to go to and downlod the latest wireless driver for acer laptop


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Hello there, My Toshiba Laptop, Model: Satellite L355-S7905 is making from time to time ugly noise like sparks, not to mention the sound of the fan. What shall I do?


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check this website you can rent laptop from minnesota from it they offer Technology Rental Services in Minnesota


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you have to take your laptop with you so you can connect to their private WI-FI and star using your laptop your laptop must have a wireless network option


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you can find information and price list for laptop video cards on this page


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Interlaced-old method for CRT monitors non-interlaced-also old but improved interlaced with better display. . .


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why what is the problem of using laptop in turkey it is not allowed??or whaat


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Generally you just plug it in and switch it on


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you need to connect your laptop to your pc


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