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Q: how to replace the starter in a chevy cobalt ?

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 how to replace the oxygen sensor in a hyundai elantra


On a 2005 Elantra the O2 upstream sensor is easily visable when you raise the hood.You do not need to jack the car up or get under it. All this work can be done standing in front of the car with the hood up, ez pze. The sensor sticks out (like an oversize sparkplug)at a 45 degree angle from the front and centre of the engine directly behind the radiator fan. A black wire bundle runs about 10 inches from it to a plug connector, a little lower down. It is surrounded by a silver colored metal heat shield which has a big clip holding the sensor wire, just use your finger to open this clip, no tool required....Read More


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 how much does a decent electric bass guitar cost in kuwait


you want a starter kit it'll probably cost around KD 100 It has the Bass, an amp, a bag for the base, short cord, a tuner, and a sling for the bass as well. It's a decent 4 string base, all you need to do after that is probably buy a real Bass sling, thick enough for the shoulder, then buy a nice amp I recommend the Rumble 15 dunno how much it cost probably around KD 30. The price varies where you buy the kit and other stuff, and usually they go on sale, so Im not really sure how much it all cost, but the prices are pretty much more or less.


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 how to replace brakes on a 1999 mercedesbenz e320


When replacing the front pads one pad has a metal bracket on the back and one does not. Which pad goes where? Does the metal bracket go on the inside or the outside of the rotor?


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 how to replace the battery in a 2007 chevy silverado


No, Maher, there is a wratchet involved as there is an anchor at the base of the battery tethering it down. The question may be, what size wratchet?


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 there is anyway i can replace my iphone broken screen


yes you can replace your iphone broken screen , but here in my country the iphone screen replacement price is very high


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 how to replace a 1999 jeep grand cherokee half shaft




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 how i replace missing keys on a mac laptop keyboard


Go to , they gonna help you.


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 how to replace a 4runner tie rod end adjuster sleeve


how to replace a tie rod end on a 97 4-runner


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 where is the crank angle sensor located on a 99 hyundai sonata v6 2.5l


Behind the starter motor


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