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Q: how to replace the starter in a chevy cobalt ?

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the best way to have a quiet a noisy pc fan try to clean the fan and see if it is broken, if the fan is broken you need to replace it with a new one, but if there only sound, you can put any cleaner spray on that fan, you need to unplug the pc from the AC (it is important) , then you need to remove the fan from your pc and spry it, then try to check it again, if the sound gone , then the fan is ok , otherwise if the sound is high i think you need to replace it with a new one


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When replacing the front pads one pad has a metal bracket on the back and one does not. Which pad goes where? Does the metal bracket go on the inside or the outside of the rotor?


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it may be can replace network (for lan)chip find the compatible lan chip and replace it 1. use blower or air solder to remove the old chip then replacing with other


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No, Maher, there is a wratchet involved as there is an anchor at the base of the battery tethering it down. The question may be, what size wratchet?


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You can find the repair guide via the URL below:


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yes you can replace your iphone broken screen , but here in my country the iphone screen replacement price is very high


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You can find the detailed instruction in this blogl:


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In this blog, you can find the detailed guide, it includes some images


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Go to , they gonna help you.


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