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Q: how to replace the alternator in a hyundai santa fe ?

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 how to replace the oxygen sensor in a hyundai elantra


On a 2005 Elantra the O2 upstream sensor is easily visable when you raise the hood.You do not need to jack the car up or get under it. All this work can be done standing in front of the car with the hood up, ez pze. The sensor sticks out (like an oversize sparkplug)at a 45 degree angle from the front and centre of the engine directly behind the radiator fan. A black wire bundle runs about 10 inches from it to a plug connector, a little lower down. It is surrounded by a silver colored metal heat shield which has a big clip holding the sensor wire, just use your finger to open this clip, no tool required....Read More


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 hyundai sonata, v6 or v4


Looking my self, V^ nolonger available 2011, however other than obvious perk, reaction time in earlier models, mileage only about 4mph difference, and heaviear V^ makes for much worse steering, braking, tough choice, but I went with V$in a 2010 ersus v6 in an )( for $1000 more


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 2005 hyundai tucson very rough idle, severe bucking on acceleration at low rpm


Did not see a date for this question/issue. I recently Sept 2012) had this same problem with my 2005 Sonata V6 and replacement of the Throttle Position Sensor solved the problem.


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 i have a 2005 hyundai tiburon gt v6 and the headlights keep going out everytime i turn on my blinker


try to replace the light switch maybe some damage there and it is not working fine, some electricity leak maybe there


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 anyone else experience mildew/”urinal”-type smell coming from their hyundai accent’s vents


try to clean the ac of your hundai car, but i dont know where is the location of the air filter for the A/C in hundai


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 i want know where can download hyundai notebook hyt210c driver for windows xp


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 2005 hyundai tiburon


where i can fin 2005 hyundai tiburon spare parts in egypt


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 i need information about hyundai kuwait


i need information about hyundai kuwait


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 where is the crank angle sensor located on a 99 hyundai sonata v6 2.5l


Behind the starter motor


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