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Q: how to play zelda's lullaby on the recorder ?

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I want to get all the programmes that I have recorded on our Samsung hardrive onto an external hardrive. How do I do this and what is the best external storage device to get. The recorder doesn’t have a usb port. It’s a Samsung DVD-SH853m. I need to replace it aswell, know any good ones that are under £200? Has to be dvd


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raphic card is a display adaptor installed inside the computer and these cards generate the video output of the computer, these cards let us do many things like watch movies, pictures, play games, use programs and internet


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you have two options, host the video into your website server or host it on video sharing website and embaded the video code to play the video into your website


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what do you mean by 3d effect ? you can play with the picture with photoshop to convert it to 3d picture but you need a 3d glass to see it , for example red cyan


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You've got to get hold of a Triagonal game first but, that could be very hard to do because there was only 2500 ever produced.


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Hi I was just wondering if anyone knows if doon reeds are any good or if there just a waste of money


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Bounce, volley, start, kick, energy, fair play. How much is the reward? you would take it free


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i think if you open sound recorder and record while you are talking this will record the call


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hope this link can help you


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im 14 years old i really want to play guitar


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yes concert scale for clarinet


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where i can play online games?


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