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Ra3odi Greeting Cards R3odi Cards بطاقات رعودي

It is best Arabic Flash Greeting Cards site, Ra3odi (Raoodi) note that the number 3 is mean Character on Arabic in English language the Aean Arabic character cant go out well , so most of Arabic sites use 3 for these character

It is very nice website?

Yes Raoodi is very very nice website for Greeting cards. People usually try to search on google, yahoo, etc for ra3odi word to find Raoodi website, there is Arabic and English greeting cards, you can send it free to your friends,

What kind of cards have?

 there is Greeting cards for weeding, holidays, Birthday, songs, ets.

Is the site still online?
Ra3odi Cards website is now closed, the owner of the website closed the site because he don't like to use songs any more.

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